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We have a long history of breakthrough innovation resulting in game-changing technologies. We also invest significant resources in research and development to introduce products and programs that not only meet government and regulatory standards, but also increase safety and reduce environmental impact. Our core technologies

have been developed and expanded in direct response to our customers’ evolving needs.



Our planet is changing, and the pace of change is fast. The world's population is growing by almost 80 million people every year. If nothing changes, by 2050 we will need the resources of more than three times that of our planet

to meet the demands of the world's population. Hydrogex's mission is to meet that challenge.


In a global economy marked by rapid technological development and increased competition, access to our products anywhere in the world is a critical component of any business enterprise, regardless of company size or geographic scope. With our integrated production and delivery platforms, we can deliver anywhere in the world within days.

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